Passover in quarantine

First I had a Seder with my cousins, uncles and aunts on zoom and for the afikomen Benny and I wrecked all of the house. One night I won and the other Benny won so we both got 40 dollars because we each won around.Then the next day we went swimming and went in our hot tub. For our Seder we have something special that we do. It is where you pick a song and then change the words to make it Passover theme and you make a dance to that you usually do it in partners but it doesn’t matter. Finally you present it. That is what we did for Passover.

One thought on “Passover in quarantine

  1. Welcome to the OJCS Blogosphere Lily!

    I am glad to see you starting to post and look forward to what you are going to have to say moving forward…

    …but you left us hanging with this post! What song did you pick? What dance did you go? People want to know!

    Keep on blogging!


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