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Hi and today I am going to teach you about the circulatory system. White blood cells fight off infections and cancer. plasma takes nutrients and hormones to the body.


What I did was I mostly practiced white blood cells, red blood cells, plasma, and platelets. I loved it so much. I learned that red blood cells fead oxygen to tissues and organs, platelets clothes blood and so much more.

human body sculpture

I think science is going amazing so far because you can not just learn about want the teacher wants you to learn but you can also learn what you want to learn.

Today we made a modal lung. It was so fun making it! The materials that we used were straw, clay, a bottle, and two balloons.

Here are the instructions – click here

Now you can make a model lung!

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response to an article

My opinion on mask-wearing is I hate it because I can’t breathe and it is uncomfortable.

My experience of mask-wearing is when I was at dance class and nobody was wearing a mask so I thought I shouldn’t be a mask. I ended up not wearing a mask for 2 hours with ten people not in my bubble. My family was ok with it but not other families.

I agree with Dr Kiltzman when he stated “Masks can be uncomfortable and hot” because I find masks to be uncomfortable and hot and i think someone should invent a face cover that is not so hot.

I disagree with the person in Dr Kiltzman’s article when he said “He rolled his eyes and waved his hand in the air as if to say, “Whatever. We know we should wear them, but we know we’re all OK.” That is not ok! No one likes to wear them but we do and we get on with it. That person should wear there mask too.

In conclusion, I agree with Dr Klitzman that even though we don’t like wearing them, we should.