My matter project

 Hi, my name is lily. I chose plastic pollution for my matter project because it is the one that I knew the most about. What I needed to do: First char ( char is my friend) and I made this Imovie, then char and I made a speech, and finally, char and I made a poster.  

You might think there is nothing good about plastic pollution. Well, there is for example we can stop it together by using reusable stuff. You are eating plastic, drinking plastic, and even breathing plastic. 

If we don’t act now by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

I’m very proud that there is a group of people that save the ocean which is ‘Ocean hero‘. I really enjoyed making this video with char :

I really hope everyone that is reading this will help the world by using reusable stuff and so much more.


One thought on “My matter project

  1. I love your post, your passion for the cause and the video! Your grammar? There may be a little work to do…


    …I had to wait until the credits of your video to figure out that “char” is actually Charlotte from your class! Her name – and yours – should probably have a capital letter to start off.

    You did a great job categorizing your blog post!

    My favorite part of your post/video is that you didn’t only identify the issue, but gave us simple, practical solutions. Hope everyone takes your advice!


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