Innovation day project

For Innovation day Eliya and I made a model of our waterpark run by solar panels. For Innovation day we had to make a park run by either solar or wind energy. We chose solar energy because it looked cooler than wind energy. Here is a short Bill Nye video that helped us understand how solar energy worked. We had to research how solar panels work and how they take energy from the sun. Here is some research we did. Solar energy is powered by the sun. You trap the sun into a solar panel and we take the sunlight from the sun and turn it into electricity. We will put solar panels on top of the roof to generate the park.  Lots of parks have a bad environmental impact. But with solar panels, it makes almost no bad environmental impact. It is run by nature and powers the park in a good way. Solar energy can be used for almost anything that needs electricity.

Here is the cycle that solar energy needs to get to the source solar panel which travels through the inverter which travels through the switchboard which is basically like an outlet that will connect to our water park.


Solar energy is lowering our need for all fossil fuels. We use only one percent of the sun’s power. A battery only has only one watt of electricity and one solar panel has 180 watt of electricity which is much better. We would have to have 12 solar panels to generate one water slide for only six hours. so many things are run by solar power cars and trucks houses shops businesses and even planes. The sun is the most important thing about solar energy if there was no sun during the day then the solar panels wouldn’t work that is why we have chosen to build it in Ecuador because Ecuador has so much sun year-round we thought it would be the perfect place to make it.  We are going to use solar panels because they collect solar energy so well and will be on the rooftop of our ticket booth. 

solar panels on green field

Here is our model







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