3 thoughts on “Endangered animals Advert

  1. Hi! First of all, I want to say that I like the morbid colour, because it really makes the person realize that it is a very bad situation. Also, maybe add a little bit more things on the slide, like a cute picture of a baby tiger, so than the person sees that they are really cute and they want them in nature, and that will make them stop killing them. Otherwise it was really good and I think you can convince someone with that!


  2. Hi Lily

    I think it’s good and that it could use some more info. Like were it lives and a few more facts . You could put in what types of propaganda that you used.


  3. Maybe add a bit more writing and maybe take a video of you reading it because i think it will be more understandable for people that take info from listening
    But i really like how you added animations on it, Great job

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