The year 2057


                                                                                         By lily


In 2057 there will be really cool stuff that can make our lives easier but it can also make our lives harder. I think electronics are an incentive to make people think that we need more of those.  What we really need though is more wildlife. In 2057 I think there is not going to be a lot of wildlife. Instead, I think there will be robots doing all the work for us humans. Having no wildlife will cause various fires. A lot of people think there will be flying cars in 2057 but I don’t believe in that. What I do believe in is that there will be motorized boots that can walk on water. Most people think that what we’re doing to our planet is going to help us but having less green space, melting ice caps, buildings everywhere, many forest fires, and robots doing all the work! That’s not ok. WE NEED MORE WILDLIFE!. Lastly, there are not going to be that many animals because there’s no more wildlife. 

my family

my family orginated from greece,england, lithuania, france and canada. my family is ashkenazim. on my moms side my great grandma danced at the lido in paris. a new thing that i learnt from my family is that my grandma on my dads side converted to judiasm.

human heart

hi, right now I’m really interested in the heart. last year I made these google slides of everything I learned so far.  If you don’t know much about the human heart I hope this will help you learn some more.

me in numbers



today we started a project, it is called me in numbers. we have to make a slide about yourself in numbers. you might notice in my slide that i have not alot of sleeping time that is because i have so much gymastics that i dont have time to sleep. I like mountains better than the beach because I like to catch snakes and hike.


        The middle school retreat 

        The middle school retreat 

On the first day of the retreat, we went to marks to go on an obstacle course. We destroyed the other class for soccer baseball. Then we played a little more games. There was one game called hokey and pokeys. I was a hokey, apparently, hokey are very calm people. They would bow down to people, they would try not to talk, they liked to have their personal space and they would also recognize themself as she or he for example they would say when they want to be left alone she/he shall be left alone. And pokeys were the complete opposite. On the second day of the retreat, we went white water rafting. My favorite part was one of the rapids that we went on called rollercoaster. After this rapid butterfly, we had lunch. We had turkey sandwiches and salomy. After a

ll the rapids we packed up and played a little bit of volleyball because there were volleyball nets there and finally we went home.

Building structures

Purpose and hypothesis:

Today we built a structure and put it in natural phenomena. my natural phenomena was a flood so I put my structure in a bathtub.

My hypothesis was that it would fail and I was right. Sadly my structure did not survive.


The tools that I used were some popsicle sticks, cardboard, straws, clay, and two plastic empty water bottles.



what happened: the cardboard fell off the water bottle

my video

the blooper