James Naismith

James Naismith

Quand james naismith était enfant, ses parents sont morts alors il a vécu avec son oncle pour son enfance.

James Naismith est décédé le 28 novembre 1939  à cause d’une hémorragie cérébrale. James Naismith est né le 6 novembre 1861.James Naismith a inventé le basketball.James Naismith a travaillé au YMCA.


il est né en Ontario canada à l’université du Kansas.james naismith joue canard sur un rocher becoup dans son enfance.

James naismith joue basketball avec un soccer ball parce qu’ils n’avait pas un basket ball.James Naismith vivait dans une ferme.il était entraîneur de gym à l’université mcGill.James Naismith a inventé le basket-ball parce qu’il pensait que ce serait un jeu amusant pour ses élèves de gym.James Naismith avait 30 ans quand il a inventé le basket-ball.





Public Speaking

                                                    The Heart 

Have you ever seen a doctor shock a person’s heart when the heart is dead in movies or tv shows? Why do they do that, and how does it make the heart start beating again? In this speech we are going to talk about that.  Good morning judges, teachers, parents  and students, today I will be telling you all about the heart, it’s different parts, how it works, and how to keep it healthy.                                                                                                                                   

The heart has an electrical part that makes the muscle act like a pump.  The electrical part starts with the SA node, which makes a spark every second or so that starts every heartbeat.  The electricity goes down the AV node to control its speed and then a system of wires called the His bundle, that make the ventricles contract, which is called systole. In between electrical sparks, the ventricles relax and are filled with blood from the left and right atrium, called Diastole.

During systole the right ventricle does not pump blood to the right atrium because of the tricuspid valve.  Instead the right ventricle pumps it forward to the pulmonary artery to get oxygen from the lungs.  During diastole, the right ventricle does not suck blood back from the pulmonary artery because the pulmonary valve is blocking it. Instead blood flows from the right atrium to the right ventricle. The exact same thing happens on the left side.  The mitral valve prevents blood going backwards during systole and the aortic valve prevents blood going backwards in diastole.  The “lub-dub” sound of the heart is actually the valves opening and closing.  The coronary arteries give blood to the heart so it can function.

How to keep a heart healthy is to eat vegetables and fruet and to run,  jump, and stay fit. Fatty foods can clog the coronary arteries and cause heart attacks. Some illegal drugs are very bad for the heart because they make the heart beat too fast and make the coronary arteries tighten. Diabetes is also bad for the heart.  People can prevent diabetes by avoiding candy and sugary food.  Smoking is one of the worst things for the heart.  It can cause the coronary arteries to block, resulting in a heart attack.    

Sometimes after a heart attack, the electrical system stops working.  If it happens in a hospital, doctors can shock the heart with a defibrilator to restart it. If it happens at a school, well most schools actually have a defibrilator. Do we?                                                                                            


Persuasive essay

Why my parents should purchase a pug dog for me?

The purchase of a dog can be really expensive and time consuming, however, dogs offer a lot of positive benefits. This essay will discuss and give examples to support the persuasive argument as to why my parents should buy me a pug dog.

My family already has a dog, and my parents say to me that it is expensive having a pet, and they don’t want our dog Dexter to not have as much attention from me if I were to get another dog. My parents are also afraid that if I get a pug then they will end up having to train him and look after him. They think that I am not old enough to take on this responsibility. 

Here are some reasons why I think my parents are wrong. It is lonely being in isolation with the coved 19 virus. I would have my own companion to snuggle and play with. If my parents purchased the pug dog I would have a responsibility to walk and feed him. This will teach me to not just care about myself. Having a pug would also help me to develop compassion for animals.

The purchase of the pug will benefit me by not wasting my time on screens and instead of playing with the pug developing compassion and responsibility. Since we are not able to go to school or participate in extracurricular activities I will have more time to train the pug and get exercise all at the same time. Getting exercise and having a friend would help me to concentrate on school better, because I would feel happier, more relaxed and would have a friend for when I am sad. 

Overall, it seems as if there are way more pluses to purchasing a pug dog then there are minuses. Given the current situation that is causing us to all self isolate, it seems like the perfect time to purchase a new companion that would offer me so much comfort, love and friendship while teaching me to be more responsible and a better person.