The year 2057


                                                                                         By lily


In 2057 there will be really cool stuff that can make our lives easier but it can also make our lives harder. I think electronics are an incentive to make people think that we need more of those.  What we really need though is more wildlife. In 2057 I think there is not going to be a lot of wildlife. Instead, I think there will be robots doing all the work for us humans. Having no wildlife will cause various fires. A lot of people think there will be flying cars in 2057 but I don’t believe in that. What I do believe in is that there will be motorized boots that can walk on water. Most people think that what we’re doing to our planet is going to help us but having less green space, melting ice caps, buildings everywhere, many forest fires, and robots doing all the work! That’s not ok. WE NEED MORE WILDLIFE!. Lastly, there are not going to be that many animals because there’s no more wildlife. 

my family

my family orginated from greece,england, lithuania, france and canada. my family is ashkenazim. on my moms side my great grandma danced at the lido in paris. a new thing that i learnt from my family is that my grandma on my dads side converted to judiasm.

short story

                                                            Under the rug


“Errr”, John shouted, really angry…


…Oops! Let me start from the beginning. Hi my name is lily and today i am going to tell you a story. In 1996 there was a room with blue painted walls like the ocean with grey and white furniture. There were two people who lived there, Jeff and John (John is a girl). They always wore green leather clothes. Jeff was too scared to do anything and John was really angry all the time.They knew they had a  mystery to solve but Jeff and John didn’t know what it was. 


John immediately attacks Jeff with a chair, “Hiiiiiiiyyyyya”. Jeff flew out the window, crash landing on a pile of wet leaves but  survived! Jeff was too scared to go back to John. Instead he saw this as his escape! He ran and never looked back.


So John had to solve the mystery by herself, She needed a plan and she needed to get out of this room… NOW! The door wouldn’t budge. John realised that she was stuck in the room! She found a note that said TRY TO ESCAPE. She was as angry as a bull in a ring. She tried to smash windows. But they would not break!. The only reason why Jeff could do it is because he was a bodybuilder. John got angry. “Errr”, John shouted, really angry. 


Finally, Jeff had the courage to return to the house… and to John. he climbed through the window They found a lot of keys under the rug. They tried lots of keys but none of them worked! On the second last key the door opened….


 They escaped!


 Jeff is no longer not scared of John. but John is still violent.



seeing differences

Hi and today I am going to show you some differences between my first blog and my last blog. My first blog:

First I had a Seder with my cousins, uncles and aunts on zoom and for the afikomen Benny and I wrecked all of the house. One night I won and the other Benny won so we both got 40 dollars because we each won around.Then the next day we went swimming and went in our hot tub. For our Seder we have something special that we do. It is where you pick a song and then change the words to make it Passover theme and you make a dance to that you usually do it in partners but it doesn’t matter. Finally you present it. That is what we did for Passover.

Now that was really bad because I forgot to make some changes to it after.  I didn’t have capital letters at the beginning of the sentence and no commas. Now I am going to show you my last blog post.


Hi and today I am going to teach you about the circulatory system. White blood cells fight off infections and cancer. plasma takes nutrients and hormones to the body.


What I did was I mostly practiced white blood cells, red blood cells, plasma, and platelets. I loved it so much. I learned that red blood cells fead oxygen to tissues and organs, platelets clothes blood and so much more.

human body sculpture

I think science is going amazing so far because you can not just learn about want the teacher wants you to learn but you can also learn what you want to learn. 

That was really good because I taught you about the circulatory system, I did have a picture and I chose my opinion about the circulatory system too. I also had transition words.


response to an article

My opinion on mask-wearing is I hate it because I can’t breathe and it is uncomfortable.

My experience of mask-wearing is when I was at dance class and nobody was wearing a mask so I thought I shouldn’t be a mask. I ended up not wearing a mask for 2 hours with ten people not in my bubble. My family was ok with it but not other families.

I agree with Dr Kiltzman when he stated “Masks can be uncomfortable and hot” because I find masks to be uncomfortable and hot and i think someone should invent a face cover that is not so hot.

I disagree with the person in Dr Kiltzman’s article when he said “He rolled his eyes and waved his hand in the air as if to say, “Whatever. We know we should wear them, but we know we’re all OK.” That is not ok! No one likes to wear them but we do and we get on with it. That person should wear there mask too.

In conclusion, I agree with Dr Klitzman that even though we don’t like wearing them, we should.




Public Speaking

                                                    The Heart 

Have you ever seen a doctor shock a person’s heart when the heart is dead in movies or tv shows? Why do they do that, and how does it make the heart start beating again? In this speech we are going to talk about that.  Good morning judges, teachers, parents  and students, today I will be telling you all about the heart, it’s different parts, how it works, and how to keep it healthy.                                                                                                                                   

The heart has an electrical part that makes the muscle act like a pump.  The electrical part starts with the SA node, which makes a spark every second or so that starts every heartbeat.  The electricity goes down the AV node to control its speed and then a system of wires called the His bundle, that make the ventricles contract, which is called systole. In between electrical sparks, the ventricles relax and are filled with blood from the left and right atrium, called Diastole.

During systole the right ventricle does not pump blood to the right atrium because of the tricuspid valve.  Instead the right ventricle pumps it forward to the pulmonary artery to get oxygen from the lungs.  During diastole, the right ventricle does not suck blood back from the pulmonary artery because the pulmonary valve is blocking it. Instead blood flows from the right atrium to the right ventricle. The exact same thing happens on the left side.  The mitral valve prevents blood going backwards during systole and the aortic valve prevents blood going backwards in diastole.  The “lub-dub” sound of the heart is actually the valves opening and closing.  The coronary arteries give blood to the heart so it can function.

How to keep a heart healthy is to eat vegetables and fruet and to run,  jump, and stay fit. Fatty foods can clog the coronary arteries and cause heart attacks. Some illegal drugs are very bad for the heart because they make the heart beat too fast and make the coronary arteries tighten. Diabetes is also bad for the heart.  People can prevent diabetes by avoiding candy and sugary food.  Smoking is one of the worst things for the heart.  It can cause the coronary arteries to block, resulting in a heart attack.    

Sometimes after a heart attack, the electrical system stops working.  If it happens in a hospital, doctors can shock the heart with a defibrilator to restart it. If it happens at a school, well most schools actually have a defibrilator. Do we?                                                                                            


Persuasive essay

Why my parents should purchase a pug dog for me?

The purchase of a dog can be really expensive and time consuming, however, dogs offer a lot of positive benefits. This essay will discuss and give examples to support the persuasive argument as to why my parents should buy me a pug dog.

My family already has a dog, and my parents say to me that it is expensive having a pet, and they don’t want our dog Dexter to not have as much attention from me if I were to get another dog. My parents are also afraid that if I get a pug then they will end up having to train him and look after him. They think that I am not old enough to take on this responsibility. 

Here are some reasons why I think my parents are wrong. It is lonely being in isolation with the coved 19 virus. I would have my own companion to snuggle and play with. If my parents purchased the pug dog I would have a responsibility to walk and feed him. This will teach me to not just care about myself. Having a pug would also help me to develop compassion for animals.

The purchase of the pug will benefit me by not wasting my time on screens and instead of playing with the pug developing compassion and responsibility. Since we are not able to go to school or participate in extracurricular activities I will have more time to train the pug and get exercise all at the same time. Getting exercise and having a friend would help me to concentrate on school better, because I would feel happier, more relaxed and would have a friend for when I am sad. 

Overall, it seems as if there are way more pluses to purchasing a pug dog then there are minuses. Given the current situation that is causing us to all self isolate, it seems like the perfect time to purchase a new companion that would offer me so much comfort, love and friendship while teaching me to be more responsible and a better person.