The middle school retreat 

        The middle school retreat 

On the first day of the retreat, we went to marks to go on an obstacle course. We destroyed the other class for soccer baseball. Then we played a little more games. There was one game called hokey and pokeys. I was a hokey, apparently, hokey are very calm people. They would bow down to people, they would try not to talk, they liked to have their personal space and they would also recognize themself as she or he for example they would say when they want to be left alone she/he shall be left alone. And pokeys were the complete opposite. On the second day of the retreat, we went white water rafting. My favorite part was one of the rapids that we went on called rollercoaster. After this rapid butterfly, we had lunch. We had turkey sandwiches and salomy. After a

ll the rapids we packed up and played a little bit of volleyball because there were volleyball nets there and finally we went home.

Building structures

Purpose and hypothesis:

Today we built a structure and put it in natural phenomena. my natural phenomena was a flood so I put my structure in a bathtub.

My hypothesis was that it would fail and I was right. Sadly my structure did not survive.


The tools that I used were some popsicle sticks, cardboard, straws, clay, and two plastic empty water bottles.



what happened: the cardboard fell off the water bottle

my video

the blooper

20 years from now

When I’m 30 years old I will be a heart surgeon. I will work at the civic hospital. I will go to the Northern Ontario School of med because my dad went there for medical school. I will live in a nice modern home in Ottawa. 

I will not have kids because they waste your money. I will have an old English bulldog as my pet. When it’s a holiday I will go to LA because there’s a lot of famous people there. 

short story

                                                            Under the rug


“Errr”, John shouted, really angry…


…Oops! Let me start from the beginning. Hi my name is lily and today i am going to tell you a story. In 1996 there was a room with blue painted walls like the ocean with grey and white furniture. There were two people who lived there, Jeff and John (John is a girl). They always wore green leather clothes. Jeff was too scared to do anything and John was really angry all the time.They knew they had a  mystery to solve but Jeff and John didn’t know what it was. 


John immediately attacks Jeff with a chair, “Hiiiiiiiyyyyya”. Jeff flew out the window, crash landing on a pile of wet leaves but  survived! Jeff was too scared to go back to John. Instead he saw this as his escape! He ran and never looked back.


So John had to solve the mystery by herself, She needed a plan and she needed to get out of this room… NOW! The door wouldn’t budge. John realised that she was stuck in the room! She found a note that said TRY TO ESCAPE. She was as angry as a bull in a ring. She tried to smash windows. But they would not break!. The only reason why Jeff could do it is because he was a bodybuilder. John got angry. “Errr”, John shouted, really angry. 


Finally, Jeff had the courage to return to the house… and to John. he climbed through the window They found a lot of keys under the rug. They tried lots of keys but none of them worked! On the second last key the door opened….


 They escaped!


 Jeff is no longer not scared of John. but John is still violent.



Innovation day project

For Innovation day Eliya and I made a model of our waterpark run by solar panels. For Innovation day we had to make a park run by either solar or wind energy. We chose solar energy because it looked cooler than wind energy. Here is a short Bill Nye video that helped us understand how solar energy worked. We had to research how solar panels work and how they take energy from the sun. Here is some research we did. Solar energy is powered by the sun. You trap the sun into a solar panel and we take the sunlight from the sun and turn it into electricity. We will put solar panels on top of the roof to generate the park.  Lots of parks have a bad environmental impact. But with solar panels, it makes almost no bad environmental impact. It is run by nature and powers the park in a good way. Solar energy can be used for almost anything that needs electricity.

Here is the cycle that solar energy needs to get to the source solar panel which travels through the inverter which travels through the switchboard which is basically like an outlet that will connect to our water park.


Solar energy is lowering our need for all fossil fuels. We use only one percent of the sun’s power. A battery only has only one watt of electricity and one solar panel has 180 watt of electricity which is much better. We would have to have 12 solar panels to generate one water slide for only six hours. so many things are run by solar power cars and trucks houses shops businesses and even planes. The sun is the most important thing about solar energy if there was no sun during the day then the solar panels wouldn’t work that is why we have chosen to build it in Ecuador because Ecuador has so much sun year-round we thought it would be the perfect place to make it.  We are going to use solar panels because they collect solar energy so well and will be on the rooftop of our ticket booth. 

solar panels on green field

Here is our model







My matter project

 Hi, my name is lily. I chose plastic pollution for my matter project because it is the one that I knew the most about. What I needed to do: First char ( char is my friend) and I made this Imovie, then char and I made a speech, and finally, char and I made a poster.  

You might think there is nothing good about plastic pollution. Well, there is for example we can stop it together by using reusable stuff. You are eating plastic, drinking plastic, and even breathing plastic. 

If we don’t act now by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

I’m very proud that there is a group of people that save the ocean which is ‘Ocean hero‘. I really enjoyed making this video with char :

I really hope everyone that is reading this will help the world by using reusable stuff and so much more.



There are three states of matter.  solid, liquid, and gas.

Matter can also form one thing to another for example ice can turn into water and it can turn back to ice. this is an example of physical change.

Some matter can not turn back to something for example plastic can be burnt but it cannot turn back into plastic. This is a chemical change.