The middle school retreat 

        The middle school retreat 

On the first day of the retreat, we went to marks to go on an obstacle course. We destroyed the other class for soccer baseball. Then we played a little more games. There was one game called hokey and pokeys. I was a hokey, apparently, hokey are very calm people. They would bow down to people, they would try not to talk, they liked to have their personal space and they would also recognize themself as she or he for example they would say when they want to be left alone she/he shall be left alone. And pokeys were the complete opposite. On the second day of the retreat, we went white water rafting. My favorite part was one of the rapids that we went on called rollercoaster. After this rapid butterfly, we had lunch. We had turkey sandwiches and salomy. After a

ll the rapids we packed up and played a little bit of volleyball because there were volleyball nets there and finally we went home.

20 years from now

When I’m 30 years old I will be a heart surgeon. I will work at the civic hospital. I will go to the Northern Ontario School of med because my dad went there for medical school. I will live in a nice modern home in Ottawa. 

I will not have kids because they waste your money. I will have an old English bulldog as my pet. When it’s a holiday I will go to LA because there’s a lot of famous people there. 


There are three states of matter.  solid, liquid, and gas.

Matter can also form one thing to another for example ice can turn into water and it can turn back to ice. this is an example of physical change.

Some matter can not turn back to something for example plastic can be burnt but it cannot turn back into plastic. This is a chemical change.


Passover in quarantine

First I had a Seder with my cousins, uncles and aunts on zoom and for the afikomen Benny and I wrecked all of the house. One night I won and the other Benny won so we both got 40 dollars because we each won around.Then the next day we went swimming and went in our hot tub. For our Seder we have something special that we do. It is where you pick a song and then change the words to make it Passover theme and you make a dance to that you usually do it in partners but it doesn’t matter. Finally you present it. That is what we did for Passover.